SeaMonkey Documentation

Help and documentation for SeaMonkey comes in many different forms:
For users, the integrated Help in the SeaMonkey Internet Application Suite should be the first place where you search for anything you want to know, just press F1 from a running SeaMonkey or click the Help Contents item in the Help menu.

General Resources

Here you can see what SeaMonkey has to offer, how it looks, what the requirements for using it are and how to install or remove it.

Community Help

The best source for Help with SeaMonkey is the SeaMonkey Community. As we are a volunteer-driven open source project, the volunteers in our community are our biggest asset and they are also able to help almost anyone with almost any problem or question regarding our software.

The suite section of the mozillaZine Knowledge Base is a good collection of many articles written up by community members, which apply usually to both the old Mozilla suite and the new SeaMonkey Internet Application Suite. As mentioned above, you'll find even more on our community page.

Other & Older Resources

Documentation for older releases is still available:

As SeaMonkey is a project based on the same Mozilla framework as Firefox, Support also applies to our software to a certain part. The older Documentation resources are still often of help, even though they were written for the Mozilla 1.x application suite, which later was taken over by our team under the new "SeaMonkey" name. Another leftover from the same era, the Mozilla Suite FAQ, is also still helpful in many regards.